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“… never in doubt with you on the case!” - Adrian Russell, Helical Retail Ltd

“Well done on the result and thank you both for all the hard work” – Grace O’Malley, City Point Global

“I am genuinely delighted by this result.  I think it is ground-breaking and merits publication in the JPL” – Paul Stinchcombe QC

“I have total confidence in your presentational skills to members”  – Tim Morris, Roscoe Development Management

“You make a formidable team. Members of the public were very impressed by the way you both presented the Council’s arguments during the Inquiry” – Eileen Griffin, Telford & Wrekin Council

“It was absolutely wonderful to come into your offices and to see how happy staff are working for you and to see for myself a good reputable company.  I will stay in touch because I would really love to work for you one day” – Jason Paraiki

“Thanks Martin, quick and precise as always!” – Philip Nevin, Dints Ltd

“Top man” – Oliver King, Tesco Stores Ltd

“Absolutely brilliant.  Well done.  It does to my mind demonstrate clearly the value of bringing in a very good planning consultant.  We would still be nowhere if we had left things with the original consultant” – David Hudson, Guildhouse

“Everyone at HPG is absolutely delighted at the outcome of this application.  We have been constantly impressed with the level of commitment and skill that has been displayed by MRPP throughout this difficult project” – William Jewson, HPG Developments

“Fantastic result ‘against the head’.  Difficult case, but right strategy.  Congratulations and well done” – Patrick Clarkson QC

“Martin, a great result and well done.  I think you do get some difficult ones!” – Steven Rigby, Tesco Stores Ltd

“Brilliant; bloody brilliant!!” – Ian Culverhouse, Ian Culverhouse & Co

“Thank you all for your heroic efforts to get this application in before Christmas, it is great to know we are being so well looked after” – William Jewson, HPG

“Thank you to you and your team for a magnificent job.  It was a fantastic effort” – Daniel Harris, Budenny LLP

“… without your involvement I think others would have struggled and not have achieved this consent” – Adrian Russell, Oswin Developments Ltd

“… the report was an impressive piece of work and puts the case for the residents on the planning issues in a forceful and persuasive way” - John Haines

“There is 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.  I think everyone has worked all of those hours.  Thank you to everyone.  I am very grateful” – Brian Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick New Homes Ltd

“We cannot thank you enough for all the help and invaluable advice” – Dmitri and Nargiza Kihaioglo

“My grateful thanks – as ever, a rapid and decisive service” – John Stokes, Merlin Land Ltd

“You are a definite star” – Catherine Mauder, Knight Frank

“I thank you for your excellent advice and handling of this problem today” – Jane Bradbury

“A word of thanks for all your hard work in achieving this outcome. It has been a long road and the whole team at MRPP is to be congratulated!” – Anthony Stanton, Bedford Land Investments Ltd

“Wow - amazing news! Great work guys! That was quicker and better than I thought possible.” - Marin Jakisic, JMH Group. 

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Spenhill Regeneration Ltd
St Modwen Properties Plc
Tesco Stores Ltd
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The New World Accommodation Ltd
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Bedford Land Investments ltd
Britton Construction Ltd
Broadland Properties Ltd
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The Churchmanor Estates Company Plc
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Fitzpatrick New Homes Ltd
Albourne Property Plc
Guildhouse UK Ltd
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Helical Retail Ltd
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